Welcome to JOYWORLD!

A creative world of JOY!

Welcome to JOYWORLD, where the boundary between art and elation blurs, setting your imagination loose in a dazzling universe. This web3 sensation, born in 2018, is the brainchild of virtual reality sculptor of the digital domain and artist, JOY (John Orion Young).

Within the realm of JOYWORLD dwell unique beings known as JOYs, each endowed with a special “magic”, ready to bestow mighty gifts upon your life when you collect them. These enigmatic creatures serve as muses for your very existence. Taking the experience further, in the year 2020, JOY unveiled a series of limited edition creative tools - JOYtoys, designed to be the ultimate playthings in the metaverse. These exclusive, individually numbered objects possess a peculiar talent - they can materialize in augmented reality through JOYvision. Immerse yourself in their charms right within your own real-world surroundings.

Fast forward to 2023, JOYWORLD experienced a population boom like never before. Miniature beings, known as JOYminis, emerged, introducing a staggering 10,000 unique JOYsmilies. These pint-sized marvels are hand-sculpted in virtual reality with generative traits, making each one a singular work of art. Alongside them, 2,748 Scramblers lay in wait, concealing the enigmatic secrets that lie within.

JOYWORLD isn't merely an art project; it's a perpetual artistic experiment and a burgeoning universe infused with the boundless creativity of JOY. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime as we dive headfirst into this ever-evolving experience at the nexus of art and technology.