Welcome to JOYWORLD

The happy matrix!

JOYWORLD is the place in virtual space where you can go to feel JOYful and creative. It's inhabited with unique 1:1 beings called JOYs that have magic muse energy. It's filled with powerful limited edition playthings called JOYtoys. This special place is being created by the contemporary artist John Orion Young (JOY).

Let this guide be your compass to navigate you through the bleeding-edge verse of JOYWORLD, and pilot you to find the way to your JOY. It's an oracle for your questions, a therapist for your obsessions, and your new best friend that's turning you on to something radical.


Decentralized - An activity or organization controlled by several offices or authorities rather than a single one.

ETH - Abbreviation for Ethereum or Ether.

Ether - The native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ethereum - A decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality.

Fork - Process of migrating Ethereum tokens from one contract to another. For our case, forking JOYs from the old hot-potato contract to the current contract.

GLB - A 3D file format that includes textures instead of referencing them as external images. GLBs are how we see JOYtoys in JOYvision on the web.

InterJOYmensional - The feeling of JOY that is so immense it can bend spacetime.

IPFS - InterPlanetary File System - decentralized file storage on the blockchain.

JOY - The contemporary artist known as John Orion Young.

JOY Collector - Human being who collects JOY's creations.

JOYling - An aspiring JOY Collector.

JOYs - Beings from JOYWORLD with muse magic.

JOYtoys - Objects from JOYWORLD with powers.

JOYvision - The way to see your world filled with JOY. An ever evolving digital drug trip.

JOYWORLD - A place in virtual space where everyone and thing is conspiring to make you feel JOYful and creative.

Metaverse - The 3D internet with magic money.

Multi-Dimensional File - A folder of files that all represent one object. File types currently include PNG, APNG, GIF, USDZ, GLB, VOX and we will continue to add more to expand compatibility in other 2D and 3D projects and experiences. This new concept we created will enable you to take your JOYs and JOYtoys across the metaverse.

Pronoia - A state of mind that is the opposite of paranoia. Whereas a person suffering from paranoia feels that persons or entities are conspiring against them, a person experiencing pronoia feels that the world around them conspires to do them good.

Spacetime - Any mathematical model which fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional manifold.

Super Slimey Smile - slime that makes everyone smile

USDZ - Universal Scene Description (USD) is a 3D file type that enables augmented reality experiences. We create USDZ files for trips through JOYVISION.

VOX - The file extension for voxel art. It is a type of art form where 3D models are constructed entirely out of 3D cubes called voxels. Artists are able to create these voxel models using a special type of software called a voxel editor.

WETH - Wrapped Ethereum for making bids and offers on JOYs

About JOY

John Orion Young (JOY) is a fourth generation artist and sculptor exploring new ways of creating, distributing, and experiencing art through the innovative technologies of AR, VR, and blockchain.

JOY is the first artist to create and launch their own NFT contract and minted the first 3D art on the blockchain in 2018 and is creating JOYWORLD, an immersive metaverse experience to make you feel JOYful and creative.

Son of a wildlife biologist turned artist, JOY was classically trained through childhood as a painter and sculptor in the techniques of oil painting and lost-wax bronze casting, creating wax sculptures of animals to anatomical correctness, melting them down if they were inaccurate, JOY felt that it was the artist’s duty to be a mirror for the existing beauty of earth.

Art is the people, places, and things you know and when a friend showed a book of Salavador Dali’s artworks to JOY at an early age, his eyes were widely opened to a greater knowing of what art could really be. This event sent JOY on a deep trip painting, drawing, and creating thousands of artworks.

Filling every living space to the brim with artworks, JOY set out to create an art gallery with some artist friends. They called it the FU collective and placed it in the center of Denver Colorado’s main art district. On weekends JOY would host art openings in the space, meet with collectors, and sell artworks to them. During the week, JOY would create new artworks for the next weekend show. All of this shuffling around of physical objects had JOY yearning for a less wasteful approach to creating art. There had to be a way to create infinite amounts of art and have these fun experiences with collectors without needing to store, transport, and over time lose track of where the artworks all went.

Through time and a number of events for another story, JOY found himself in San Francisco. It was 2016 and he was watching a YouTube video showing someone creating a giant red spider in an Oculus Virtual Reality headset. There was this wonderful feeling of WOW! You could make anything at any scale and all you needed was a computer and goggles. JOY set out to build a little yellow PC and acquire an Oculus Rift headset. This is where JOY really got lost and found JOYWORLD. Somewhere far out in TiltBrush, then even further out in Oculus Medium.

Late 2017 JOY became obsessed with CryptoKitties. This was it. The way to enable collectors to own the virtual artworks he had been creating. JOY set out to build a new type of contract to sell art directly to collectors with a twist; it was modified to enable collectors to steal each other's JOYs if they were willing to pay more than the previous collector. This contract was minted April 24th and to our knowledge, makes JOY the first artist to create an NFT contract to sell their own art and JOYs are the first 3D artworks on the blockchain.

“JOYWORLD is an ever-expanding artwork to be experienced and expanded on in real time with the JOY Collectors who own it. It is an entire world here to take you on a multi-dimensional trip through the metaverse, always innovating, and encouraging you to become JOYful and creative.” — John Orion Young


Hand sculpted by in Virtual Reality by JOY

Imagine sculpting and painting an idea out of thin air. With a VR headset, two controllers and a powerful PC, JOY immersively creates sculptures and worlds to bring to life.

Discover immersive creativity in this time of immersive computing and explore JOYs creative process in virtual and augmented reality, the tools and software used, and find out how the distance between your imagination and reality is being dramatically reduced.

Current Virtual Sculpting Studio Setup

  • PC - Intel NUC 11 Enthusiast i7-1165G7
  • Headset - Oculus Quest 2 Linked to PC
  • Software - Medium by Adobe
  • Msc - Camlink for capturing VR footage to M1 Mac, GoPro for first person perspective mixed reality.
  • Mods - Merged 2 headbands together to make a hailo band for the Quest 2. Cut bottom half of facial interface off to see body and maintain more stability for longer creative sessions.

Past Equipment

  • PC - Little Yellow PC - Custom built and spray painted Mini ITX, i5 CPU, GTX 1080 T GPUi (previously RX 480)
  • Headset - HTC Vive
  • Headset - Google Daydream
  • Headset - Samsung Gear VR
  • Headset - Oculus Go
  • Headset - Rift
  • Headset - Rift S
  • Msc - Green Screen, Vive Trackers, Leap Motion Hand Tracker

Immersive Creativity with JOY: Discovering Adobe's AR and VR Tools


JOYtoys are powerful, creative things from JOYWORLD

JOYtoy Machine

Powerful Things

JOYtoys are limited edition, uniquely numbered objects from JOYWORLD. Think of them as playthings for the metaverse!

Each one is an ERC721 token and exists multidimensionally as an index of files including a 500x500 Animated PNG, 2000x2000 PNG, USDZ, GLB, 500x500 GIF, 32x32x32 VOX. You can access all their files here.

Additional files (up to 20 in total) will be added over time to enable interoperability across the metaverse. Metadata is all on-chain, art history maintained, and files distributed across the immutable InterPlanetary File System.

The JOYtoys Smart Contract has many new capabilities, like the ability to split profits at the point of sale with collaborators, charities, and even collectors of JOYs.

The Smart Contract was made in collaboration with NFT42 and is located at 0x0574c34385b039c2bb8db898f61b7767024a9449.

The JOYtoy Machine

New JOYtoys can be minted directly from the JOYtoy Machine!

To create a JOYtoy:

  1. Connect your wallet (For web get Metamask. For iPhone and Android, get Rainbow.)
  2. Select the JOYtoy you're interested in
  3. Click Mint JOYtoy and follow the prompts from your wallet

Used JOYtoys can now also be purchased from fellow JOY Collectors in the JOYtoy Machine!

To purchase a used JOYtoy:

  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Select the JOYtoy you’re interested in
  3. Browse the JOYtoy Machine to see available JOYtoys
  4. Click Buy and follow the prompts in your wallet

When purchasing your JOYtoy, there can be some delay in delivery. This is due to the nature of how the blockchain validates your order. Take a trip around JOYWORLD, come back to your profile, refresh and they should be there after a while.


JOYx is a series of collaborative artworks with JOY's friends

JOY x Party Degenerates Collaboration

JOY x Party Degenerates

Smiley by JOY

Edition: 60 randomly generated

Date: October 17, 2021

The Party Degens wandered into JOYWORLD and left with big smiles on their faces.

20 artists collaborated to create one trait (or more) for the Party Degenerates. Each artist created their trait without having any idea of what the other artists created.

“By combining polarized artistic styles, 2D, and 3D, we mean it when we say this de-generative art project is truly for degenerates only. Your token will be perfectly imperfect. Contain happy accidents. Be beautifully unsightly. Wrong will be right, so expect the unexpected.” - Party Degenerates

To find the JOY smile on OpenSea. Go to the official Party Degenerates page, on the left side column, filter the “Mouth” by “Smiley by JOY”.

Official Links:

Contract: 0x4be3223f8708ca6b30d1e8b8926cf281ec83e770

Token Standard: ERC-721

Blockchain: Ethereum

JOY x Party Degenerates Collaboration

JOY x Kolectiv

Edition: 21

Date: Date: June 17, 2021

Drippy set of JOY cards created for Kolectiv NFT’s inaugural drop featuring some of the top NFT artists and projects – the Crypto 2021 collection.

Official Links: OpenSea

Contract: 0x4764bc088a27f490353e8cf1558ba02fdc418c65

Token Standard: ERC-721

Blockchain: Ethereum


Edition: 1 of 1

Date: April 6, 2021

JOY took a trip through DABSMYLA's secret garden and nothing was ever quite the same. The sun dripped with a melting smile over the hills and valleys, plants popped into consciousness, oozing gooey flowers grinned with JOYful delight, daisies became daisy chains, and slowly every one and everything became smiles. Created in collaboration with DABSMYLA. Sculpted by hand in virtual reality by JOY. Music and animation by JOY.

Official Links: SuperRare

Contract: 0xb932a70a57673d89f4acffbe830e8ed7f75fb9e0

Token ID: 23002

Token Standard: ERC-721

Blockchain: Ethereum

G I F of Soda Can

JOY x CryptoDrinks

Edition: 10

Date: November 19, 2020

Collaboration with Xibot to create a delicious JOYWORLD drink.

Drink the Cool-Aid-Cola and say YES to JOY!

Official Link: OpenSea

Contract: 0x819d965d8e0a1d9852e805dec073084bd3c5637f

Token ID: 69

Token Standard: ERC-1155

Blockchain: Ethereum

G I F of Soda Can
G I F of Soda Can
G I F of Soda Can

JOY x Evil Emojis

Edition: Set of three 1-of-1’s

Date: January 21, 2020

JOY x Evil Emojis collaboration created by @Devil. 100% of the proceeds were donated to help with Australia Wildfire Relief.

Official Links:

Contract: 0xE1fC74A4F7A303B6a7d16C73171734D11a271c1D

Token ID: 6, 17, & 18

Token Standard: ERC-721

Blockchain: Ethereum


The JOYWORLD Portal series is the newest collection of photographic artworks from JOY. In an attempt to capture these beautiful flashes in time where the JOYs enter our earth plane, JOY jumps through time to capture an image of himself next to the portal for scale.

These images of portals are being intentionally made available across the entire metaverse agnostic of any chain to share these delightful moments of JOY that are sometimes fleeting but forever affecting our wellbeing. They are like a postcard from a dimension between dimensions. These images are created to celebrate how big, great, wildly, wonderful, and JOYful every fleeting moment in your life can be.

Sandstone Portal to JOYWORLD

JOYWORLD Portal, Sandstone Headland

Edition: 11

Date: December 2, 2021

Blockchain: Flow

GM from JOY lingering near the precipice of the JOYWORLD Portal at Sandstone Headland. Popping into existence only for an instance this JOYWORLD Portal spit out a few JOYs and swallowed some JOY Collectors whole. Taking them down the trip through JOYWORLD, never to return from JOYfull bliss.

This auction followed the standard Versus auction format of unique versus editions.

In this auction format bids can be placed on either the unique side (1 of 1) or on any serial number from the edition side (1 of x). The bid on the unique side is then compared to the cumulative bid on the edition side and whichever is larger wins! The respective number of NFTs are then minted and sent to the winning bidder(s). The first JOYWORLD Portal was collected by 11 new JOY Collectors.

Official Links: Versus

NFT Timeline

Curio Cards
Dapper Labs
Axie Infinity
Somnium Space
Nifty Gateway


Some highlights from JOYWORLD's trip through time.

Dec 02, 2021

JOYWORLD expands to the Flow Blockchain with JOYWORLD Portals series

The auction for the first portal photograph “JOYWORLD Portal, Sandstone Headland” opened at Versus on the Flow Blockchain, selling for 7769.69 Flow, the top sale for an art auction on Versus to date.

View on Versus

Nov 04, 2021

Power Flower is showcased at NFT NYC

Power Flower is presented in Virtual Reality at Dreamverse produced by Metapurse.

“NFTs are still thought of as abstract or virtual. Dreamverse is what happens when NFTs make landfall. A celebration merging the physical and digital realms, Dreamverse is an expression of the digital renaissance we have been experiencing the last few years.

It will showcase the pinnacle of NFT art and VR experiences from amazing artists. The intersection of art, technology, and global house DJs will make for an ecstatic, spiritual experience.” - Dreamverse

Learn more about Dreamverse

Oct 26, 2021

Adobe features JOY in“NFT - A Digital Art Revolution: Adobe MAX 2021”

“NFT’s – non-fungible tokens – created a lot of buzz when they first entered the mainstream consciousness a few months ago, via some high-priced auctions and disruption to traditional art markets. But hype aside, there are some real benefits in NFT’s for digital artists, and in this video we hear about them from a number of leading figures in the space, as well as the artists themselves.”

Oct 18-26, 2021

JOYbot is auctioned at Sotheby's

JOYbot, the second 3D sculpture ever minted on the blockchain, is auctioned at Sotheby’s as a part of JOY Collector Pranksy’s collection for the Sotheby’s Metaverse Natively Digital 1.2 The Collectors show.

On October 26, 2021 JOYbot sold for $252,000 USD to Kaprekar (@kaprekar_punk). The third JOY to sell for over six figures.

Read more on Sotheby's

Oct 10, 2021

JOY joins Party Degenerates as a Guest Artist

JOY created a 3D “Smiley” trait to be randomly programmatically generated onto the Party Degenerate avatars.

“In 2021, NFTs have revolutionised the human creative expression and started to shape the art world as we knew it into what’s going to be the “Second Renaissance”.

The Party Degenerates Guest Artists were those at the forefront of innovation. They represent a small fraction of the Artists who inspired us this year, and they stand out as leaders who have fuelled the rise of an unprecedented sustainable creative collective.” – Party Degenerates

Sept 29, 2021

2nd six-figure JOY sale (in USD)

Crypto-louvre sells Begin Again Ganesha for 75 ETH to Jeff32 (@jeff964) the second highest, six-figure JOY sale in USD ($213,815.25 at the time of sale).

Sept 03, 2021

JOYtoy No.9 JOYblock sells out in 10 minutes

Listed for 0.001 ETH (the approximate price the first JOYs were sold for in 2018) JOYblock sells out in under 10 minutes.

July 27, 2021

MOCA acquires JOY for Genesis Collection

Laying the First Brick was acquired by the Museum of Crypto Art for their Permanent Collection of early NFT artists.

“The Genesis Collection is a subset of the M○C△ Permanent Collection that will allow for one artwork per artist who was a positive contributor to the NFT space prior to December 2020.” – Museum of Crypto Art

Sept 03, 2021

JOYvision Launch

JOYWORLD launches Augmented Reality for JOYtoys called JOYvision. Now you can view any JOYtoy in your real world environment directly from JOY.WORLD.

Apr 06, 2021

JOYx Launch

JOYWORLD begins playing with other verses and artists in the form of JOYx. A new categorization for collaboration across the digital multiverse. The first collaboration was an original video piece with DABSMYLA and was hosted on SuperRare, the first time a JOY piece has been minted outside of JOYWORLD's custom smart contracts.

Mar 14, 2021

Highest JOY Sale in ETH and USD

Unicorn Fart was collected by MetaEvm from Hayden Adams (founder of Uniswap) for 128 ETH ($236,632 at the time of sale). The highest JOY sale to date.

View on Etherscan

Feb 18, 2021

The first JOYtoy created by a JOY

The limited edition series of the Franny Fanny JOYtoy created in collaboration with Franny was released.

This is the first JOYtoy created by a JOY! Introducing the next level for NFTs -- tokens paying token holders. Franny's collector @niftynaut helped determine # of editions and price and received 50% of the sales automatically from the contract!

Jan 01, 2021

JOY Collectors Receive a Gift

All current and past JOY Collectors were gifted the first JOYtoy with the launch of the new custom contract. 2020 Vision of JOY was sent to all Ethereum addresses that had ever held a JOY, even those from the original JOYWORLD hot-potato contract that had only held a JOY for a few seconds before it was stolen.

Feb 18, 2021

JOYtoy Contract

JOYWORLD launches its original smart contract for limited edition JOYtoys.

JOYtoys are limited edition, uniquely numbered ERC721 objects from JOYWORLD. Think of them as playthings for the metaverse! Each one exists multidimensionally as an index of files including a 500x500 Animated PNG, 2000x2000 PNG, USDZ, GLB, 500x500 GIF, 32x32x32 VOX.

Additional files (up to 20) will be added over time to enable interoperability across the metaverse. Metadata is all on-chain, art history maintained, and files distributed across the immutable InterPlanetary File System.

Created on a new contract made in collaboration with NFT42, JOYtoys have many new capabilities written directly into the contract, like the ability to split profits at the point of sale with collaborators, charities, and even owners of JOYs.

Dec 22, 2019

JOY S2 Contract

At the end of 2019 all the JOYS were migrated to a new JOY contract with a full ownership model (increasing the value of JOYs by 700% overnight). Everybody can view this online digital art, but only one person can own it at a time.

Aug 24, 2018

JOY Art Market sets records

JOY Collector Mamba (@legionerfish) set the highest sale record to date by collecting Surge and pressing the price up to 2.7 ETH! Now the most expensive artwork!

JOY is the #1 Art DApp in the world and #11 out of all DApps by trading volume.Ahead of SuperRare, KnownOrigin and others. According to DApp.com

JOY Collectors have traded over 45 ETH in 24 hours!

Apr 24, 2018

JOY Hot-Potato Contract

JOY minted the first pieces of digital art in early 2018 on an original smart contract he coded to sell each JOY for the Ethereum equivalent of $1. The contract would then automatically increase the value of each JOY after each trade, and immediately relist it for sale again. Somebody could always steal your JOY from you—if they were willing to pay more than you!


Interviews, articles, and features discussing JOYWORLD, sculpting in virtual reality, blockchain and what the future holds

8 Reasons Why JOYWORLD [is] the collection NFT world needs right now.

Redlion News

June 2022

"From the dazzling colours, the surrealistic overtures and the upbeat tone... this project is a ray of light that we could certainly all do with during the bear market winter. It's difficult not to look at a JOY without smiling."

The JOYWORLD Mini-Documentary with Gali Filche and JOY

December 2021

“This is a documentary/vlog about my road trip to Oregon to meet John Orion Young, the founder of JOYWorld and first artist to put 3D art on the blockchain in 2018. Since then, John has been building JOYWORLD, a world inside of the metaverse that is like a painting you can walk into, and own a piece of, all built on the Ethereum blockchain. He has now created 130 original JOYs (original 3D NFTs), and released a collection of 9 JOYToys, with lots more coming. Now his digital art pieces/NFTs go for $100,000s, and have become an iconic symbol for early web 3.0 entrepreneurship.”

Creator Spotlight: JOY on Versus


December 2021

A quick dive into JOYs early art life, JOYWORLD’s beginnings, and an introduction to the first artwork in the JOYWORLD Portal series and the first to be minted on the Flow Blockchain.

John Orion Young (JOY) sculpting NFTs through VR

Open Worlds

February 2021

John is an artist who sculpts digital art inside a VR headset. Listen along as we uncover his journey as an artist, learn about some of his daily routines, how he feels crypto can unleash new possibilities for creators and everything you need to know about the exciting new virtual world that he's building!

Adobe Aero Artist Residency Highlight

April 2020

Former Adobe AR resident, John Orion Young started going by his initials JOY to put some more positivity out into the world with his art. See how he sets his work free with Adobe Aero.

Immersive Creativity with JOY: Discovering Adobe’s AR and VR Tools

Adobe MAX Session

October 2020

Imagine sculpting and painting an idea out of thin air. Join contemporary artist John Orion Young (JOY) to discover immersive creativity in this time of immersive computing. Explore the creative process in virtual and augmented reality, and find out how the distance between your imagination and reality is being dramatically reduced.

Spotlight: John Orion Young on Spreading Joy with VR Crypto Art

The Museum of Other Realities

November 2019

In this interview, JOY touches upon some fascinating aspects of the physicality of creating in the VR medium, digital art ownership and its indexicality.

Digital Art in the Blockchain Era: An Interview with John Orion Young

Interview with Daniel Viau at Opensea

March 2019

We joined VR sculptor and technologist John Orion Young to talk about duality, building a dapp-powered VR world, the economics of art on the blockchain, and more.

A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain and Art

Evan Keast, Founder of Doodles

September 2018

Through blockchain, artist John Orion Young is giving his fans a new way to collect and interact with his work.