Lucky JOYminis

JOYsmilies are the first JOYminis in JOYWORLD

JOYsmilies are a new addition to the JOYWORLD family, and they're sure to bring a smile to your face! These cute and quirky creatures are hand-sculpted with generative traits, similar to JOYs, but in a smaller and more mini form. Each JOYsmilie is a unique 1/1/10,000 being, with traits created from hundreds of hand-sculpted layers. JOYsmilies are a tribute to 10K PFPs. In addition to their adorable looks, JOYsmilies bring a special luck to their owners. Each JOYsmilie has a lucky number between 1 and 10,000, which is revealed when minted. Who knows what good fortune your JOYsmilie might bring you?

What's inside the Scrambler Eggs?

Scramblers are a collection of 2,748 uniquely generated eggs, each concealing a mysterious being set to hatch at an undisclosed date. Dive into the mesmerizing realm of JOYWORLD Scramblers, where every egg stands as a distinctive masterpiece, meticulously sculpted in VR by the egg-steemed artist, John Orion Young. Rumors abound that top scientists and exceptional eggtitionists at JOYWORLD are meticulously studying the JOY Scramblers, trying to uncover the enigma they encase and predict their hatching time. Yet, the future is deliciously unpredictable, compelling us to remain in awe of the enchanting magic encased within these captivating creations!