JOYs are here to make you feel JOYful and creative.

A group of JOYs at play together

A group of JOYs at play together

JOYs are Your Creative Muse

JOYs are unique virtual beings from JOYWORLD that slowly arrive on earth to inspire your creative spirit. Each JOY is a 1-of-1 virtual muse. It's existence is represented by an NFT (non-fungible token) on the Ethereum Blockchain. This ensures that individual JOYs can only be owned by one JOY Collector at a time.

Each JOY has a unique magic power to help you achieve your wildest dreams and happiest potential! When you collect a JOY, you gain their JOY Magic to guide you into more creative pathways throughout your life.

JOYs (The JOYWORLD S2) Smart Contract address:


JOYs are Living Artistic Beings

JOYs will continuously receive over-the-air upgrades and unexpected treats!

For example, JOYs were forked to a new contract in 2019 granting their owners new capabilities. In December 2020, all current and past JOY Collectors were gifted the first JOYtoy as a thank you for believing in the early vision of JOYWORLD.

Additionally, JOYs were granted the keys to the JOYWORLD JOYtoy Shop and now have the ability to create a JOYtoy. For the JOY Collector, that means you get to collaborate with JOY on the final artwork, edition size, and price when your JOY makes a JOYtoy. You will also receive 50% of your JOY's primary JOYtoy sales!

Becoming a JOY Collector

JOYs are sculpted by hand in virtual reality, making each one extremely unique and rare. You can collect JOYs at a first time auction or through secondary offers and bids on OpenSea.

A new appearance of a JOY in JOYWORLD is a randomized event. Be the first to know by following the #new channel in Discord or following on Twitter.