JOYtoys are powerful, creative things from JOYWORLD.

JOYtoy Machine

JOYtoys are limited edition, uniquely numbered objects from JOYWORLD. Think of them as playthings for the metaverse!

Each one is an ERC721 token and exists multidimensionally as an index of files including a 500x500 Animated PNG, 2000x2000 PNG, USDZ, GLB, 500x500 GIF, 32x32x32 VOX. You can access all their files here.

Additional files (up to 20 intotal) will be added over time to enable interoperability across the metaverse. Metadata is all on-chain, art history maintained, and files distributed across the immutable InterPlanetary File System.

The JOYtoys Smart Contract has many new capabilities, like the ability to split profits at the point of sale with collaborators, charities, and even collectors of JOYs.

The Smart Contract was made in collaboration with NFT42 and is located at 0x0574c...a9449.

The JOYtoy Machine

New JOYtoys can be minted directly from the JOYtoy Machine!

To create a JOYtoy:

  1. Connect your wallet (For web get Metamask. For iPhone and Android, get Rainbow.)
  2. Select the JOYtoy you're interested in
  3. Click Mint JOYtoy and follow the prompts from your wallet

Used JOYtoys can now also be purchased from fellow JOY Collectors in the JOYtoy Machine!

To purchase a used JOYtoy:

  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Select the JOYtoy you’re interested in
  3. Browse the JOYtoy Machine to see available JOYtoys
  4. Click Buy and follow the prompts in your wallet

When purchasing your JOYtoy, there can be some delay in delivery. This is due to the nature of how the blockchain validates your order. Take a trip around JOYWORLD, come back to your profile, refresh and they should be there after a while.