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8 Reasons Why JOYWORLD [is] the collection NFT world needs right now.

Redlion News

June 2022

"From the dazzling colours, the surrealistic overtures and the upbeat tone... this project is a ray of light that we could certainly all do with during the bear market winter. It's difficult not to look at a JOY without smiling."

The JOYWORLD Mini-Documentary

With Gali Filche and JOY

December 2021

“This is a documentary/vlog about my road trip to Oregon to meet John Orion Young, the founder of JOYWorld and first artist to put 3D art on the blockchain in 2018. Since then, John has been building JOYWORLD, a world inside of the metaverse that is like a painting you can walk into, and own a piece of, all built on the Ethereum blockchain. He has now created 130 original JOYs (original 3D NFTs), and released a collection of 9 JOYToys, with lots more coming. Now his digital art pieces/NFTs go for $100,000s, and have become an iconic symbol for early web 3.0 entrepreneurship.”

Creator Spotlight: JOY on Versus


December 2021

A quick dive into JOYs early art life, JOYWORLD’s beginnings, and an introduction to the first artwork in the JOYWORLD Portal series and the first to be minted on the Flow Blockchain.

Building JOYWORLD ft John Orion Young

With Gali Filche and JOY

Interview with HyperChange founder Gali Filche! We discuss getting started into crypto, making NFTs, and what the future holds for JOYWORLD.

John Orion Young (JOY) sculpting NFTs through VR

Open Worlds

February 2021

John is an artist who sculpts digital art inside a VR headset. Listen along as we uncover his journey as an artist, learn about some of his daily routines, how he feels crypto can unleash new possibilities for creators and everything you need to know about the exciting new virtual world that he's building!

Adobe Aero

Artist Residency Highlight

April 2020

Former Adobe AR resident, John Orion Young started going by his initials JOY to put some more positivity out into the world with his art. See how he sets his work free with Adobe Aero.

Immersive Creativity with JOY: Discovering Adobe’s AR and VR Tools

Adobe MAX Session

October 2020

Imagine sculpting and painting an idea out of thin air. Join contemporary artist John Orion Young (JOY) to discover immersive creativity in this time of immersive computing. Explore the creative process in virtual and augmented reality, and find out how the distance between your imagination and reality is being dramatically reduced.

Spotlight: John Orion Young on Spreading Joy with VR Crypto Art

The Museum of Other Realities

November 2019

In this interview, JOY touches upon some fascinating aspects of the physicality of creating in the VR medium, digital art ownership and its indexicality.

Digital Art in the Blockchain Era: An Interview with John Orion Young

Interview with Daniel Viau at Opensea

March 2019

We joined VR sculptor and technologist John Orion Young to talk about duality, building a dapp-powered VR world, the economics of art on the blockchain, and more.

A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain and Art

Evan Keast, Founder of Doodles

September 2018

Through blockchain, artist John Orion Young is giving his fans a new way to collect and interact with his work.