JOY Collectors

Building a JOYful Future of Art Collecting Together

JOY Collectors are a unique and special group of art enthusiasts who not only appreciate the beauty of JOY's creations, but also play an active role in their creation. As JOY sculpts and paints in virtual reality, collectors have the opportunity to witness the creative process in real-time through live streams and updates. This direct relationship between artist and collector allows for a deeper understanding and connection to the artwork.

Furthermore, by purchasing JOY's sculptures and worlds on the blockchain, collectors are able to have a secure and direct transaction with the artist, bypassing the need for third-party intermediaries such as galleries and museums. This not only allows for a more intimate collector-artist relationship, but also ensures that the artwork is properly documented and tracked on the blockchain, adding to its value and authenticity. Being a JOY Collector is not only about owning a beautiful piece of art, but also about becoming a part of the story and creation of JOYWORLD.