Prepare to be dazzled by the captivating JOYWORLD Scramblers, where each egg is a unique artwork, exquisitely sculpted in Virtual Reality. Stay egg-spertly alert, for nestled within could be a glimpse of potentially new mini JOYs. Rumor has it that top scientists and egg-ceptional eggtitionists at JOYWORLD are delicately probing the JOY Scramblers, attempting to decipher the mystery within and when they might hatch. The future, however, remains delightfully uncertain, leaving us to marvel at the spellbinding magic cocooned within these beguiling creations! ✨
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Discover a new dimension of JOYWORLD, a mesmerizing digital realm where JOYsmilies bring luck to your everyday life. As a unique 10,000 edition mini JOYs, these vibrant smilies were meticulously sculpted by hand in virtual reality to captivate your imagination and explore various new ways of creating art. JOYsmilies are the first series of JOYminis — edition-based character versions of the 1-of-1 unique JOYs, offering a fresh and enchanting experience for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.
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