20 Crypto Art OGs You Need to Know

NFT NOW - Matt Medved

"One of the most fascinating aspects of NFT technology is the creation of digital provenance. We now have a transparent and immutable ledger at our fingertips with a record of exactly who did what and when — from the earliest explorers of new frontiers to the latest converts to mint their genesis pieces.

Many of the space’s biggest names were not the earliest adopters. For example, Beeple was a consistent force in the digital art world for years but only minted his first NFTs in 2020. As the market continues to grow at a rapid pace, it’s important to recognize the trailblazers who believed in crypto art’s potential at a time when it was anything but in vogue.

For those who are new to the scene, please take a moment to educate yourself on these twenty important pioneers who helped lay the groundwork. This list is far from exhaustive and we’ll be showcasing more OG artists in the future to ensure everyone who contributed to building this community gets the shine they deserve."

"John Orion Young (AKA JOY) has been a colorful fixture in the Metaverse since 2018 and a consistent advocate for VR/AR technology on the blockchain. Favoring cartoonish renders and eye-popping primary colors (with an unabashed soft spot for yellow), Young has established a compelling visual style while building a literal world around his own imagination. From his JoyWorld VR wonderland to JoyToy series, it’s clear Young is already living in 3021 and remains light years ahead of the curve."

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