'A Dream of JOY' Artwork Revealed

JOYWORLD on Nifty Gateway

Drop into 'A Dream of JOY', an artwork by John Orion Young. This work captures the energy and creativity of artist JOY as he dreamt while sculpting in Virtual Reality live from his hotel bed in the middle of The Crypt Gallery’s art show at the Dream Hotel, NFT NYC 2023.

Echoing the endless wakefulness of New York City through a ceaselessly opening eyelid, the eye is a portal transporting you to JOYWORLD and showing glimpses of the other reality – JOY York City.

Inside the eye, experience JOY’s artistic journey across the city that never sleeps, crafting art in virtual reality. At unexpected moments, the eye unveils artworks born from his adventure, blurring the line between dreams and reality.

Tune in to the rhythmic hum of the city's heartbeat, a choppy lullaby for those who never rest. This artwork is a gateway into the world of JOY, offering a unique exploration of blending multiple realities, defying the constraints of the waking world and unlocking infinite possibilities when dreams become reality.

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