Begin Again Ganesha sells for 75 ETH


It was a historic moment in the world of JOYs as Crypto-louvre, sold the one-of-a-kind JOY, Begin Again Ganesha, for a whopping 75 ETH, amounting to a six-figure sale in USD ($213,815.25 at the time of sale). The lucky collector, Jeff32 (@jeff964), couldn't contain his excitement about his latest acquisition.

But what makes this sale even more remarkable was the ceremonious extraction of Begin Again Ganesha from its display shelf. Yes, you heard it right, Ganesha was kept on a shelf, and when the sale went through, Crypto-louvre ceremoniously extracted them from the display and turned it off, marking the end of an era for Ganesha and the beginning of a new chapter for Jeff32.

This marks the second highest six-figure JOY sale in USD and continues to prove the growing popularity and value of John Orion Young's digital multiverse. So, keep your eyes peeled, who knows what JOYs will be making their way to the shelves (and into the wallets) of art collectors next.

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