Breaking News: Franny Fanny JOYtoy Sells Out in Record Time!


The Franny Fanny JOYtoy, the first NFT created by a JOY, made history today with its incredible speed of selling out. With only 99 editions available, the Franny Fanny JOYtoy was snapped up by collectors in a matter of hours, setting a new standard for NFT sales.

But what sets this NFT apart is the revolutionary way it shares its profits with its fellow NFTs. The Franny Fanny JOYtoy contract calls the JOYs contract and determines the owner at the time of the transaction, automatically splitting the profits with them. This is the first time in NFT history that a sale has split profits with another NFT holder, making it a true game-changer in the world of NFTs.

The Franny Fanny JOYtoy was created in collaboration with Franny and its collector Niftynaut, who helped determine the number of editions and price. This innovative NFT is just the beginning of a new era in the world of NFTs and shows the unlimited potential of this exciting new market. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking NFTs from JOYWORLD!

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