How I Made Furbinator

John Orion Young

Dive into the creative journey of bringing Furbinator to life in JOYWORLD 🎨

Step 1: Entering VR 🥽

Armed with Meta Quest goggles and controllers, I stepped into a virtual canvas with Adobe Medium. This is where Furbinator began to take shape, literally sculpted by hand in a digital world.

Step 2: The First Draft 🗿

Initially, I sculpted a different interior for Furbinator. But as the creation evolved, I realized it needed something more... menacing. So, I scrapped it and started over.

Step 3: Unleashing the Terminator 💀

The real magic happened when I sculpted a terminator skull beneath the cuddly exterior. This was the turning point that truly embodied Furbinator's message.

Step 4: From VR to C4D 🖥️

Transitioning to Maxon C4D with OTOY Octane, I remeshed and optimized each layer. This step was crucial for bringing texture and life into every part of Furbinator.

Step 5: Animation Challenges 🎞️

Animating Furbinator was a task of precision, especially getting the tongue to avoid the teeth when transitioning from Terminator to Furby mode.

Step 6: DALL-E and Runway Magic 🪄

After C4D, I used DALL-E to generate hundreds of images for Furbinator's third eye heart jewel animation, later refined with Runway.

Step 7: Crafting the Sounds 🎶

In Logic on my iPad mini, I mixed and sampled audio, even incorporating some bits from ChatGPT audio chats. This gave Furbinator its voice.

Step 8: The Minting Process 💎

Migrating all JOY metadata off OpenSea and onto IPFS was a big move, including creating a new JSON for Furbinator. Minting the token through Etherscan was the final, satisfying step.

Step 9: Metadata and Testing 👷

Post-minting, I checked Furbinator across various platforms, refreshing metadata to ensure everything worked seamlessly.

Step 10: The Big Reveal 🚀

Finally, I shared Furbinator with the world, a culmination of creativity, technology, and a touch of magic. Thanks for being part of this journey!

💫 That's the story of Furbinator's creation! A journey of virtual reality sculpting, artistic pivots, digital rendering, AI, audio crafting, and blockchain magic. Hope you enjoyed this peek behind the scenes

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