JOY and Jimmy Buffett's Collaboration Begins

In early April, my phone buzzed, and to my surprise, it was Jimmy Buffett on Facetime. It felt like we were old friends from the start. Intrigued, I accepted his invitation to visit his Los Angeles studio, where the magic of his music would meet my artistic vision.

Arriving in LA, Jimmy dropped by my hotel, bringing an air of excitement and camaraderie. We hit it off immediately, bonding over our shared love for music, art, and the serendipitous desire to bring the fun out in everyone. Together, we explored the possibilities of virtual reality, creating inspirations for our collaboration, including Jimmy's signature sculpted by him in VR.

That night, we gathered at his home with friends and family for dinner. Afterward, I wowed everyone with a live performance, using virtual reality to sculpt a ukulele—a key piece in our collaboration.

The next day, Jimmy took us to his recording paradise like studio, grilling cheeseburgers and showing us his incredible instruments. We strolled along the beach, brimming with ideas, finalizing our plans for the start of our collaboration.

In that moment, it became clear that our journey was more than just two artists working together. This unexpected encounter had become a timeless testament to the power of collaboration and knowing that when creative souls align, extraordinary things can happen.

Throughout that week of collaboration and inspiration, I created a series of artworks—a parrot shark named JimmyJOY, a cheeseburger record player, and a parrot head ukulele that contains a universe of music inside. These creations will be the starting point into an ongoing collaboration encompassing concert visuals, and in the future, NFTs, with potential for more exciting endeavors within our shared reality.

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