JOY Works: The Continuous Pursuit of Creativity


NFT NYC 2023 – For JOY, creativity is not just a passion, it's a way of life. JOY is always working, always dreaming up new worlds, new experiences, new ways to bring joy and wonder into the world. And at the recent JOY Works event at Studio 368 during NFT NYC, guests had the opportunity to witness this pursuit firsthand.

Co-hosted by RedLion and FoodMaskU, the JOY Works event was a celebration of JOY's continuous pursuit of creativity. From the moment attendees arrived, they were enveloped in the artist's unique and ever-evolving world of JOYWORLD. But it wasn't just the stunning VR sculpting performance by fourth-generation artist and sculptor John Orion Young, aka JOY, that left guests in awe.

As JOY worked tirelessly to bring new creations to life, guests were reminded of the importance of pursuing creativity in all aspects of life. For JOY, creativity is not a finite resource, it is a continuous process that never stops. Even as attendees marveled at the JOYWORLD creations, the artist was already dreaming up new worlds, new portals, new ways to share the joy.

"The pursuit of creativity is the pursuit of joy," says JOY. "And that's why I'll never stop creating, never stop dreaming up new ways to bring joy and wonder into the world. JOY Works is just the daily practice."

As the event came to a close, guests left with a renewed sense of inspiration and wonder, eager to experience more of JOY's unique artistry in the future. "Don't miss your chance to be part of art history with JOYWORLD," JOY reminds us. "It’s not just a place you visit - it's a state of mind."

Stay tuned for more JOYful events and join the continuous pursuit of creativity and joy with JOY.

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