JOYWORLD Announces Revolutionary Update Embracing Full Marketplace Decentralization




November 4, 2023

JOYWORLD Announces Revolutionary Update Embracing Full Marketplace Decentralization

JOYWORLD, the vibrant and dynamic universe of JOYs created by the visionary artist John Orion Young (JOY), today announced a groundbreaking update to its website, In a bold move that underscores JOYWORLD’s commitment to decentralization and collector autonomy, has been redesigned to promote all NFT marketplaces, offering unparalleled access and ease for collectors trading in JOYs, JOYsmilies, Scramblers, and JOYtoys.

This innovative update not only enables collectors to explore JOYWORLD across various platforms like Blur, OpenSea, LooksRare, Rariable, and Niftx, but it also reflects a fundamental shift in how digital art can be marketed and traded in a decentralized ecosystem.

Marketplace Choice Empowers Collectors

Collectors are as unique as the artists they acquire and have special desires when it comes to how they interact with art. JOYWORLD removes platform limitations and enables them to trade their JOYs anywhere in the metaverse. Our unique API aggregates data from all major NFT marketplaces ensuring that collectors have complete freedom and convenience when choosing where to buy, sell, or trade.

Royalties and Reputation

In a radical departure from industry norms, JOYWORLD embraces the idea that royalties should be shared at the collector’s discretion, rather than platform-enforced, strengthening the artist/patron relationship in an act of continued support. This path not only provides transparency in transactions but also allows collectors to actively shape their reputation within our world.

Innovative Auction Experiment

Furthering its trailblazing spirit, JOYWORLD is set to host an unprecedented auction in three days. Unique to this event is the ability for bids to be placed across any participating marketplace. This week-long auction will culminate in accepting the highest bid, regardless of the platform on which it was made.

A Personal Labor of Love

The updates to, conceived and implemented solely by JOY, reflect a deep commitment to the JOYWORLD community. As a testament to this devotion, the JOYWORLD digital experience will continuously evolve, with ongoing enhancements planned in the coming months.

Visit and Explore

JOYWORLD invites enthusiasts, JOY Collectors, and all JOYlings to explore the newly revamped This update not only marks a significant milestone in JOYWORLD’s journey but also paves the way for a more inclusive, decentralized, and collector-centric future in the digital art world.

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