JOYWORLD Brings the Fun and Friends with JOYx Launch!


The digital multiverse of JOYs, JOYWORLD, has just launched JOYx, a new category of collaborations and inter-verse fun. John Orion Young, the mastermind behind JOYWORLD, is excited to bring together other artists and verses from across the digital realm to create unique and joyful experiences.

And the first JOYx collaboration is nothing short of amazing! JOYWORLD has teamed up with the dynamic duo, DABSMYLA, to create an original video piece that is hosted on SuperRare. This marks the first time a JOY piece has ever been minted outside of JOYWORLD's custom smart contracts, and it's just the beginning of what's to come with JOYx.

So get ready to laugh, dance, and have a blast as JOYWORLD opens up a world of possibilities for JOYs and digital art. Join us on this wild ride and let's see where JOYx takes us!

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