JOYWORLD Celebrates Five Years of peace, love, and JOY in the Metaverse.


JOYWORLD, the fantastical digital multiverse created by renowned artist John Orion Young (JOY), is celebrating five years since minting the first JOYWORLD Contract and the initial JOYs! Since its inception, JOYWORLD has captivated audiences with its vibrant, unique, and heartwarming 3D characters, known as JOYs. As non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that embody love, joy, and positivity, the JOYs have left an indelible mark on the digital art landscape.

Over the past five years, JOYWORLD has evolved into a thriving community of art enthusiasts and NFT collectors, united by their shared love for the project's positive message and enchanting aesthetic. The fifth birthday celebration is a testament to the creative spirit and boundless imagination that have fueled the growth of this remarkable digital realm.

As JOYWORLD marks this significant milestone, the community eagerly anticipates what the future holds, with dreams of new JOYs, imaginative collaborations, and ever-expanding horizons.

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