JOYWORLD Goes on Tour with Jimmy Buffett


JOY had an incredible opportunity to collaborate with music legend Jimmy Buffett, and their combined efforts brought JOYWORLD's artwork to the forefront during the Flip Side tour. Inspired by their shared love for music, art, and the desire to ignite joy in everyone, JOY embarked on a creative journey to bring a little more JOY to all the Parrotheads.

One of the highlights was the introduction of a new JOY – a parrot-headed shark named JimmyJOY making multiple appearances throughout the concert, adding a playful and colorful touch to the performances, particularly during the song "Fins."

JOY's imaginative talents also came to life during the hit song "Cheeseburgers in Paradise." Transforming the stage into a land adorned with Cheeseburger palm trees, and a record player shaped like a cheeseburger that featured live video of concert-goers on the pickles. 

The concert reached its grand finale with JOY's creation of a captivating pool party scene on a tropical island that resides inside a JimmyJOY Ukelele. As JimmyJOY and other JOY characters danced and celebrated to the iconic song "Margaritaville," the audience was transported to a world of joy and excitement.

This extraordinary collaboration between JOY and Jimmy Buffett was fueled by the artistic synergy that sparked during their initial encounter. Together, they dreamed-up an awe-inspiring visual extravaganza that exemplified the power of collaboration and creative souls aligning. JOY's imaginative artworks, including the parrot shark, the cheeseburger-themed visuals, and the unforgettable pool party, captivated audiences and breathed a unique JOYful energy into Jimmy Buffett's legendary performances.

As the Flip Side tour concluded, this successful venture was a stepping stone for the ongoing collaboration between JOY and Jimmy Buffett. JOYWORLD will be joining Jimmy Buffett on next year’s tour “Second Wind”, opening doors for more future concert visuals, NFTs, and even more exciting artistic endeavors within their shared reality.

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