JOYWORLD Launches New Custom Contract with a Surprise for Collectors


In a surprise move, JOYWORLD has launched its new custom contract for limited edition JOYtoys and gifted all current and past JOY collectors with the first JOYtoy, 2020 Vision of JOY. This includes all Ethereum addresses that had ever held a JOY, even those from the original JOYWORLD hot-potato contract that had only held a JOY for a few seconds before it was stolen.

The launch of the custom contract marks a new era for JOYWORLD and its collectors, bringing with it new capabilities and features. JOYtoys are limited edition, uniquely numbered ERC721 objects, offering a new way to play and interact in the metaverse. Each JOYtoy exists as an index of files, including animations and 3D sculptures, with the option to add additional files over time for interoperability across the metaverse.

JOYWORLD has maintained its commitment to art history and the immutable nature of its offerings, with all metadata on-chain and files distributed across the InterPlanetary File System. The custom contract also includes exciting new features, such as the ability to split profits at the point of sale with collaborators, charities, and even JOY owners.

Collectors are excited about the new era of JOYWORLD and the opportunities the custom contract brings. Many see the surprise gift of the first JOYtoy as a sign of good things to come, and are eagerly awaiting the next chapter in JOYWORLD's journey.

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