Sculpting Dreams into Reality: JOY's Art Performance at The Crypt Gallery


NFT NYC 2023 - Last night, the NFT realm was graced with the euphoric presence of the one and only JOY. The artist and sculptor, known for pushing the boundaries of art creation and experience, hosted a dreamy and surreal event at the Crypt Gallery in the Dream Hotel Downtown NYC. And let's just say, it was a JOYful experience.

In a bold fashion statement, JOY arrived at the bustling party in yellow silk smiley face pajamas, a virtual reality headset already adorning his head, and a bright yellow suitcase in tow. As he made his way through the throngs of guests and collectors, JOY beckoned them to join him in his JOYful realm, leading the way to a pre-built bedroom nestled in the heart of the event.

"Creating JOYWORLD is like stepping into a dream, a dream of infinite possibilities and unbridled joy. And I want to share that dream with as many people as possible."

Without missing a beat, JOY unpacked his suitcase and climbed into bed, ready to sculpt a wondrous sight of melting smiles, swirling worlds, and abstract creatures of pure JOY. And in a true display of adventurous spirit, a few brave onlookers - including the host of the event, the illustrious King of Midtown, and even some bunny rabbits - dared to climb into bed with JOY, eager to immerse themselves fully in the art experience.

The evening was wild and unforgettable, as guests had the exclusive opportunity to mint an NFT of the artwork in real time, adding a unique way to capture the artist's energy in the moment of this one-of-a-kind art exhibit. As if summoned to JOYWORLD, 222 fortunate collectors were transported to a realm beyond their wildest imaginations, with their collection of the second portal in the series.

JOY crafted a virtual reality masterpiece from a bed in the center of the gallery, capturing the essence of the moment and combining it with imagery from the week’s events to develop the final version, set to be unveiled in the weeks to come.

As JOY says, "JOYWORLD isn't just a place you visit - it's a state of mind that's accessible to anyone who's willing to dream big and embrace their inner JOY. So come and join me in this wondrous world of pure imagination."

Stay tuned for more wild and exciting art experiences from the one and only JOY.

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