The Journey of JOYScramblers: A Collector's Triumph

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OG NFT Creator, JOY (John Orion Young), kicked off the JOYWORLD Scramblerproject a year ago, before Easter with very little fanfare compared to earlier releases. He created a 10,000-item series and gave a free mint to all holders of JOYSmileys.

The Scramblers Journey

With a Smiley in your wallet, you could mint 2 JOYScramblers for free in the initial time-boxed offering, afterward, the offering opened and anyone could mint for 0.030 ETH (about $15 at the time).

Lots of collectors cashed in on the 2-for-1 per wallet smiley situation, and others bought up more, with only around 2700 total eggs minted.


While most people collected a few Scramblers and forgot about them for a year, one collector, (who happens to also be a contributing writer to Redlion), who goes by s_q_u_i_s_h amassed 191 of them, most of them at the minting.

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