Uniswap Founder, Hayden Adams, sells Unicorn Fart for 128 ETH


In a stunning turn of events, MetaEvm, a new JOY Collector, has acquired Unicorn Fart, a one-of-a-kind JOY hand-sculpted in virtual reality by renowned artist John Orion Young. The sale, conducted by none other than the founder of Uniswap, Hayden Adams, saw Unicorn Fart fetch an astonishing 128 ETH, equaling $236,632 at the time of sale. This historic transaction marks the highest JOY sale to date and sets a new benchmark for the potential of JOYs and NFTs in the future.

The art world is buzzing with excitement over this landmark sale, which demonstrates the innovative use of blockchain technology and the growing importance of NFTs. With Unicorn Fart leading the way, the possibilities for NFTs and JOYs are truly limitless.

And for those with a sense of humor, it's worth noting that the farting unicorn may have let out a mighty toot of triumph at this amazing feat, making the sale of Unicorn Fart not only a major event in the NFT world, but also in the fart world.

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