Portals to JOYWORLD

A Gateway to Infinite Exploration

The JOYWORLD Portal series is a collection of explorative artworks meticulously crafted by JOY that can be found across the vast and boundless metaverse, beckoning new collectors into our JOYous realm of JOYWORLD. With the purpose of welcoming new collectors, the portals are being intentionally dispersed across the entire metaverse, transcending the confines of any specific chain, be it Ethereum, Flow, Bitcoin, or beyond.

Each artwork within the JOYWORLD Portal series acts as a glimpse into a dimension that exists between dimensions, akin to receiving a postcard from an alternate reality or viewing a vlog from another instance in time. These artworks are created to celebrate how big, great, wildly, wonderful, and JOYful every fleeting moment in your life can be.

JOYWORLD is everywhere, all the time. You might encounter a portal while walking your dog, grabbing a coffee at your favorite cafe or while immersing yourself at an art show in New York. Capture the portal and be transported to the JOYfullest realm in the metaverse – JOYWORLD.

A Dream of JOY

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Edition: 222

Date: April 13, 2023

Blockchain: Ethereum

Drop into 'A Dream of JOY', an artwork by John Orion Young. This work captures the energy and creativity of artist JOY as he dreamt while sculpting in Virtual Reality live from his hotel bed in the middle of The Crypt Gallery’s art show at the Dream Hotel, NFT NYC 2023. 

Echoing the endless wakefulness of New York City through a ceaselessly opening eyelid, the eye is a portal transporting you to JOYWORLD and showing glimpses of the other reality – JOY York City.

Inside the eye, experience JOY’s artistic journey across the city that never sleeps, crafting art in virtual reality. At unexpected moments, the eye unveils artworks born from his adventure, blurring the line between dreams and reality.

Tune in to the rhythmic hum of the city's heartbeat, a choppy lullaby for those who never rest. This artwork is a gateway into the world of JOY, offering a unique exploration of blending multiple realities, defying the constraints of the waking world and unlocking infinite possibilities when dreams become reality.

Official Links: A Dream of JOY on Nifty Gateway

JOYWORLD Portal, Sandstone Headland

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Edition: 11

Date: December 2, 2021

Blockchain: Flow

GM from JOY lingering near the precipice of the JOYWORLD Portal at Sandstone Headland. Popping into existence only for an instance this JOYWORLD Portal spit out a few JOYs and swallowed some JOY Collectors whole. Taking them down the trip through JOYWORLD, never to return from JOYfull bliss.

This auction followed the standard Versus auction format of unique versus editions.

In this auction format bids can be placed on either the unique side (1 of 1) or on any serial number from the edition side (1 of x). The bid on the unique side is then compared to the cumulative bid on the edition side and whichever is larger wins! The respective number of NFTs are then minted and sent to the winning bidder(s). The first JOYWORLD Portal was collected by 11 new JOY Collectors.

Official Links: Versus