Portals to JOYWORLD

Portals pop up on other chains to take you to JOYWORLD!

The JOYWORLD Portal series is the newest collection of photographic artworks from JOY. In an attempt to capture these beautiful flashes in time where the JOYs enter our earth plane, JOY jumps through time to capture an image of himself next to the portal for scale.

These images of portals are being intentionally made available across the entire metaverse agnostic of any chain to share these delightful moments of JOY that are sometimes fleeting but forever affecting our wellbeing. They are like a postcard from a dimension between dimensions. These images are created to celebrate how big, great, wildly, wonderful, and JOYful every fleeting moment in your life can be.

JOYWORLD Portal, Sandstone Headland

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Edition: 11

Date: December 2, 2021

Blockchain: Flow

GM from JOY lingering near the precipice of the JOYWORLD Portal at Sandstone Headland. Popping into existence only for an instance this JOYWORLD Portal spit out a few JOYs and swallowed some JOY Collectors whole. Taking them down the trip through JOYWORLD, never to return from JOYfull bliss.

This auction followed the standard Versus auction format of unique versus editions.

In this auction format bids can be placed on either the unique side (1 of 1) or on any serial number from the edition side (1 of x). The bid on the unique side is then compared to the cumulative bid on the edition side and whichever is larger wins! The respective number of NFTs are then minted and sent to the winning bidder(s). The first JOYWORLD Portal was collected by 11 new JOY Collectors.

Official Links: Versus