CowJOY rides into JOYWORLD


Welcome CowJOY to the wild west of JOYWORLD! 

Wanted in many wild galaxies out west, CowJOY roams across the meta frontiers and wanders down digital trails where only the most untamable JOYs travel. CowJOY's resilient giddy-up is driven by the half a cow they grafted to their backside. Outfitted with a trusty infinity-glow-stick lasso, this JOY can get ahold of anything and open portals to send it off into new uncharted territories. Famous for winning the Sand & Sage Intergalactic Rodeo lasso competition, CowJOY was summoned to JOYWORLD to rein in Bear-a-Bull – the dust blown, double headed, red and green, market makin and breakin gummy varmint. 

Collect CowJOY and harness the JOY Magic to giddy-up and tame the untamable!

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