Introducing 3 new JOYs from the Sea of JOY!


Three new incredible JOYs from the Sea of JOY! Welcome Pufty, Hypno Ray, and Marbles!

The puppy in the Sea of JOY, Pufty, loves belly rubs and belly tattoos. He will loyally follow you anywhere you go but always gets distracted and loves to chase new things. Pufty gets a little more inflated by everything that excites him and he's never figured out how (or really wanted) to de-puff. Pufty is a really good JOY!

Hypno Ray knows the way. The way is the way is the way that Hypno Ray glides and goes every day. Always hip to the flow of energies and tuned into what's happening anywhere. It's easy to be mesmerized, and hard to get lost in a deep dive of visions -- sometimes heady, and sometimes euphoric -- when staring into Hypno Ray's psychedelic trip mapped out on their back. Follow that path and you'll never be led astray. 

A surrealistically bizarre collector of weird, beautifully rare, objects and objectives, Marbles skims the Sea of JOY attracting all lost things and thoughts into the so-entangled-it-starts-to-feel-hallucinatory body orbit. Overtime Marbles compresses everything into dense, shiny marbles that will one day be cast back into the Sea of JOY to become thoughts and things again.

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