The Creation of Wild

John Orion Young

🤡 Join me in exploring the creation of Wild! I'll share the steps and tools used in bringing this unique JOY to life, and also delve into the reasons behind the JOY. 😃

🎨 Wild's wild journey to JOYWORLD began a couple years ago in Adobe Medium. The initial sculpting in VR helped to shape this JOY's fundamental aspects.

💡 The bigger idea for Wild grew from observations about digital identity in the NFT space and conversations about screensavers. This JOY is a representation of how our online selves can change and evolve, much like we do in the physical world.

👖 Designing Wild's outfit was a blend of exploration and personal influence. In VR, I created overalls that resonate with the practical attire I wear in my studio but with a twist, bringing a piece of my own world into the artwork.

🖥️ Moving the project to Maxon Cinema 4D with OTOY Octane, Wild's mesh was refined and animated.

😎 For Wild's face screen animations, I combined AI tools and video editing software. Using ChatGPT for generating art, LumaFusion for editing, and Runway for effects, each tool played a role in developing the final visual display. This helped in achieving the look of Wild.

🎉 The process of creating Wild was as much about learning and experimenting with different tools as it was about artistic expression. Wild reflects the ongoing evolution of digital identities, mirroring the diverse and ever-changing nature of our online selves.

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