JOY is Born





In a moment that cracks reality and oozes surreal, JOY emerges from a human-sized egg, marking the start of the Scrambler Hatch. This act, reminiscent of a rebirth, welcomes us with visions of JOY, creativity, and new beginnings.

This unfolding scene, rich in symbolism and artistic daring, draws us into JOY’s world—a realm where the lines between the real and the imagined fade. His demeanor, a mix of seriousness and a hint of mischief, along with the deliberate, almost ceremonious movement of hatching, highlights his skill in crafting images that linger in the mind, ripe for interpretation. Once again pushing the boundaries of perception, and inviting us into a world where the extraordinary is the norm.

The first crack of the year-long Scramblers project arrives with this hatch of JOY. Each Scrambler, a unique piece of art egg-squisitely sculpted in virtual reality, have stirred a sense of eager anticipation among collectors, all awaiting the grand reveal with bated breath.

Today’s announcement marked the beginning of Scramblers Hatch Week, a series of days filled with discovery and delight.

Adding to the excitement, a special opportunity awaits the most devoted of collectors: the individual with the most Scrambler Eggs at the moment of their hatching next week will be gifted the next 1-of-1 JOY.

Fried, over-easy, scrambled, poached, or hard-boiled? As we ponder the nature of the Scramblers, the true essence of these creations remains veiled, for now. But one thing is certain: we are on the cusp of unveiling the mysteries nestled within these digital shells.

Join us in the thrill of Scramblers Hatch Week. Collect, trade, and be part of the live evolution of digital art.

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