Introducing Wild!



⚡️Introducing Wild!  Unfazed by the illusions of reality, Wild blurs the realms between a technologist and horticulturist. Playing in the garden where innovation intertwines with nature, every gadget nurtured by Wild synthesizes a surreal harmony, blurring the boundaries between the artificial and the organic. The face screen of Wild displays a scrolling carousel of cryptic expressions, presenting an ideal mask for any situation. With a playful smirk, Wild often muses, "In a realm where bytes blossom and pixels ponder, who's to say what's really real…really?" Pondering the playful duality of our digital and natural existences, embracing the intangible absurdity of the virtual circus — that behind every virtual persona is a complex, unknown character, perhaps wearing a multitude of masks.

Collect Wild and gain the magic to grow a garden of virtual identities!

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