Meet Goldie 😃🪿✨🥚✨



JOYWORLD Welcomes a New JOY: Meet Goldie!

In an exciting development, JOYWORLD is thrilled to announce the arrival of its latest JOY, Goldie.

Perched precariously on the tip of the tongue, Goldie made their debut atop a shimmering golden egg. Goldie doesn’t merely safeguard its treasures. They propel the golden egg forward, tirelessly rolling until each egg's potential is fully realized. After each completion, Goldie embarks on the journey anew, continuously powered by the promise of revolution concealed within each egg.

Driven by the thrill of anticipation, Goldie operates under a unique rhythm, living three rolls ahead of the present. Every rotation of the egg not only symbolizes, but actively contributes to, the gestation of groundbreaking ideas, bringing Goldie ever closer to the next significant breakthrough.

Crafted as an exclusive accolade, Goldie was bestowed upon 'Squish', the top collector at the grand JOYWORLD Scramblers hatching event held on March 31, 2024. This special recognition highlights Squish’s preeminent status within the collector community and underscores the unique and prestigious nature of Goldie.

As Goldie continues to roll, push, and evolve, it marks another milestone in JOYWORLD’s journey of creativity and innovation. Goldie is not just a symbol of achievement, but a perpetual force of progress in the enchanting world of JOY.

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