Scramblers Hatched!





A monumental event took place in JOYWORLD today! Scramblers, the unique 2,748 artworks with individually hand-sculpted features, hatched revealing a dazzling collection of new JOYminis.

Under the pressure of collectors wondering “Wen Hatch?”JOYWORLD Scientists created a hatching ceremony and informed JOY that the Scramblers would hatch within one week of performing the ritual. After fervent study and obtaining the required materials which included symbolic blood, milk from The Milk Maker, and the crayons of joyful people, JOY was ready to begin the ceremony. On Monday March 25th, the day of the full worm moon, JOY emerged from a giant yellow egg and announced the beginning of the scramblers hatch and so began hatch week! As the world waited with growing anticipation the first cracks began to appear culminating with the full reveal on Easter Sunday, March 31st.

The newly hatched JOYWORLD Scramblers are each one-of-one artworks made from a combination of 223 unique top and bottom combinations. With special traits and unexpected pairings each of these JOYminis are hand-crafted to be a true 1 of 1 and bring their collector luck and joy.

What’s next for Scramblers in a post-hatch era? There is no way to know, but you can be sure they will play their role in the ever expanding JOYWORLD.

Explore the new realm of Scramblers in JOYWORLD and collect your favorite today!

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