Welcome the New JOYs from the Sea of JOY!


Welcome the new JOYs from the Sea of JOY now available to collect! Bubble Bubble, Doug the Slug, Swervy, and Star Drop!

Polly from the Pentagon dropped a Double Bubble Vape into the Sea of JOY and through electrifying evolution and maybe some Soul Splicing Slime it transformed into a living, bubbling JOY known as Bubble Bubble.


Anchored by a slow flowing stream of slime and flipping a thick, sluggish tongue, prehistoric JOY, Doug the Slug is a poet with warm reverberating pros that slime their way into your heart and refuse to leave.


Almost caught 9 times Swervy slips right through any attempted catch. Swervy quickly evades all, nets, traps, and hooks flipping the capturers plans on their heads.


Star Drop will make you famous! With a subscriber list of 5 billion krill on SeaTube, Star Drop is the top live interview vlogger in the Sea of JOY.


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